Short Stories
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Mind Games


they were fun to play with

slippery gasses not quiet solid,

but not quite liquid.

easy to manipulate…

…hard to escape.”

 – Queen of Shadows


At first the room was white.




I stood there a moment, taking in my surroundings, figuring out an escape.

Only there was none.

I turned around, fear in my throat, adrenaline coursing through my veins . . .

The door was gone.

But it was just . . .

“Hello?” I called, voice catching in my throat. With a wince I swallowed, my mouth dry, my tongue thick.

Hello? I thought.

What did she want with me?

I’d heard stories about the Queen of Shadows, a women heard but never seen.

It was said that those who heard her voice never lived to tell the tale.

But if that was so, how did I know they’d heard it? The fact alone gave me hope. I stood taller.

“Hello?” I called again. I took a step forward and stopped. The ground trembled.

The floor shook and then the ground behind me faded into nothingness. I looked around me frantically searching for something to grab onto…

A black chair appeared.

Half solid, half shadow. I ran towards it, not thinking, not seeing.

I didn’t want to die.

I reached for the arm rest, fingers catching hold just as the floor gave way beneath my feet.

I swung into the chair and took a deep breath.

I opened my eyes.

The room was painted black and white.

And the black was moving.

Grayish black swirls danced across zebra walls, see-through, hand-like arms, reaching forever forward, racing towards me.

I tried to move, only to find that the chair was holding me in place, swirls of shadow griping my feet, imprisoning my arms.

There was only a small pocket of white left in the now black room, and my hope surged. Maybe I could make it…

Silver eyes reached out of the darkness before me, the shadows almost done with their work.

“Welcome…” A voice whispered, impish eyes pulled taunt in a toothless grin.

“…to the world of Nyght,” she finished.

Just as the sliver of white…


– Short Story written by Jae Lei Nyght

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Jae Lei Nyght is an up and coming science fiction writer, video editing mogul, amateur graphic design artist, and full-time college student. She plans to publish her first novel in the year 2017. Until then, she fills her days writing papers and analyzing documents, counting down the days until her graduation in May of 2016. She is addicted to chocolate, enjoys the freeing feel of wind in her hair, and is trying to eat more vegetables. She loves writing, and if she can ever stop editing, she will love publishing her first novel even more. Please, take a look around. I promise, one minute will turn into a life time.


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