Short Stories
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Whatever You Do Don’t…

Don't ScreamScream.

You’re alone.

It’s dark.

Danger’s all around you.

Hold your breath.

Close your eyes.

Pretend it’s not there.

But whatever you do,

don’t scream.

You tremble,

fighting the urge to run in the opposite direction.

To open your eyes.

To see.

You can feel them.

Handless fingers caressing your skin like gentle lovers . . .

. . . only love is the last thing on their mind.

“Open your eyes…” the darkness whispers,

voice like dripping honey, breath a vigorous embrace.

You’re pulled towards the cordless music, a wicked symphony in a soundless world,

and unbeknownst to you, your feet are moving.

Something pries your eyes open little by little, inch by inch.

You cringe.

A sound escapes your lips—tightly clasped—and the wind quiets in an effort to catch it.

“…You know you want to.” the voice persists.


It’s consuming you . . .

seeping through your pores,

tearing through your mind,

you open your eyes . . .

 . . . and scream.

– Short Story written by Jae Lei Nyght

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Jae Lei Nyght is an up and coming science fiction writer, video editing mogul, amateur graphic design artist, and full-time college student. She plans to publish her first novel in the year 2017. Until then, she fills her days writing papers and analyzing documents, counting down the days until her graduation in May of 2016. She is addicted to chocolate, enjoys the freeing feel of wind in her hair, and is trying to eat more vegetables. She loves writing, and if she can ever stop editing, she will love publishing her first novel even more. Please, take a look around. I promise, one minute will turn into a life time.

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