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bleeding heart ..

it boils like water consuming my heart it starts in my head and pulls me apart i see you with her and i don’t understand the love that i give is never in demand it hurts me inside tears me apart until all that i am is a bleeding heart – Image created by Jae Lei Nyght – Poem by Jae Lei Nyght


“I love you…” It’s the scariest thing to hear, the hardest thing to say, and the worst thing to believe. I knew this and yet when he said those words I couldn’t help but believe him. Trust him. Want him. Desire. It’s a scary thing to feel. To want something you might never have. To reach for something you might never grasp. And yet…I did. “I love you…” Three words, eight letters, the power of the world in their hands. Once uttered they altered me—transformed me, and once broken they destroyed me. Yet still, I love you…   – Short Story written by Jae Lei Nyght